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Fig. 1A. Melan-A staining of normal skin showing strong staining of melanocytes.

Fig. 1B. Melan-A staining of normal adrenal cortex using mAb A103. Strong staining of the steroid producing cells. With other melan-A Abs, steroid producing cells are negative.

Fig. 2A. Melan-A staining of skin with malignant melanoma showing strong staining of normal and neoplastic melanocytes. Novored is here used as chromogene to avoid the merging of melanin and the DAB chromogene.

Fig. 2B. Melan-A staining of renal PEComa (perivascular epitheloid cell tumour).

Fig. 2C. Melan-A (mAb A103) staining of adrenal cortical carcinoma.

Fig. 2D. Melan-A (mAb A103) staining of granulosa cell tumour.

Last update 30-06-2006