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NordiQC runs

Run 45 (general module), B20 (breast cancer module) and H8 (HER-2 ISH module): Results are available, see Newsletter

Run 46 (general module), B21 (breast cancer module) and H9 (HER-2 ISH module): The website is opens for protocol submission: Participation

NordiQC teaching events

NordiQC Workshop in Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry
Aalborg, Denmark, 19-21 September 2016

3rd NordiQC Conference in Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry
Aalborg, Denmark, 9-12 June2017

Photo: SOX10 staining breast (A-B) and malignant melanoma (C-D). With an optimal protocol (A and C), the breast myoepithelial cells are strongly stained and the low expressor tumour cells weakly stained. With a suboptimal protocol (B and D), the myoepithelial cells are weakly stained, while the melanoma is false negative.
 Companies sponsoring NordiQC scientific work have no influence on methods or results

Update: 2015.12.17

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NordiQC is an independent scientific organization, promoting the quality of immunohistochemistry by arranging schemes for pathology laboratories, assessing tissue based assays, giving guidelines for improvement and providing good protocols.